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Lost Boys Bike Ride to NeverWorld!

Mermaids to Join. Pirates will chase!
Starts at The Bicycle Bakery, Tunbridge Wells, Thursday  2nd August. 15:00h

(It is close to Tunbrdige Wells Train Station)


Plus free bike maintenance lesson!
Get a free short bicycle service courtesy of Green Oil, the natural formula lubricant company.
Arrive at The Bicycle Bakery from 3pm for a coffee.
There is a Velocipede Cycles Bike Shop right next door.

Ride as a Lost Boy, glittering Mermaid or chase us on your bicycle as a Pirate!

The ride will start at 4:05 PM

A short, fun ride of 12 km
The Ride gets us to Leefest NeverWorld around 5 PM
Don’t worry about fitness, this ride is about fun!
Every rider will get a free mini bottle of Green Oil eco friendly lube and Simon from Green Oil will be on hand to tighten brakes, pump up tyres and of course lube you up for a smooth ride to LeeFest.

The key bits:

Date: Thursday, 2 August
Start point: The Bicycle Bakery
120 Camden Road,
Tunbridge Wells,
TN1 2QZ,
(Next door by Velocipede Cycles)
Start for a coffee: 3PM
(The ride will leave at 4:05 PM sharp, so get their well before please)

Final Destination:

Address of NeverWorld: Leefest John Darlings Farm, Wilderness Lane, Hever, Kent TN8 7LP.
There will be free bicycle parking at Leefest – Please bring your own bicycle lock or share with a friend.
(Railings near the entrance will be used for simplicity.)

The ride back:
Meet by the Leefest gates from 11:00.
The ride will commence at
11:30 on Sunday 5th August.

Terms for riders: All rides ride at their own risk. Bicycles can be left at Leefest at your own risk. Bicycles must be removed from the Leefest site before 16:00 on Sunday 5th August. This ride is open to people who can ride bicycles. Country roads will largely be used, but ride safe and be wary of cars, and evil pirates!

Join the Lost Boys Bike Ride

* indicates required

Terms for sign up - you agree to 'Terms for riders' above.
Green Oil UK Ltd (ride organizers) will not share your details with any organization other than LeeFest (Phizzwizzards Limited)
By providing your telephone number you consent to being put in a WhatApp group for the Lost Boys Bike Ride. This is optional.
You agree to the possbility of being chased by Pirates.


Join the Facebook Group! Chat with other riders:



Some of the great bicycle products made by Green Oil, Lost Boy Bike Ride Organizers
- All Eco Friendly!

    Green Oil Wet Chain Lube 100ml
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    Ecogrease 200ml
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  Green Oil EcoSpray Lube (400ml)
The eco friendly spray lubricant:
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EcoSpray Lube            
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300ml, makes 1litre

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Clean Chain

- Degreasing gel
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Clean Chain degreaser jelly            
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Green Oil sets                    
    Eco Rider Deluxe set

- Green Oil Wet Chain Lube
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- Ecogrease
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- EcoSponge
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- Perhaps the best cycling set you'll ever buy.


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