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Green Clean Low Carbon Bike Cleaner
Carbon safe, eco friendly, high performance bike cleaner

To reduce the carbon footprint we removed most of the water content. Many cleaning products are over 95% water.
This means a lot of weight being shipped around. So we've taken most of the water out, just add from a tap when you get home!
Green Clean 300ml makes 1 whole litre.

Green Clean bike cleaner

Powerful yet natural, Green Clean is:

- Made in Britain
- Has a dual mode spray - Water pistol or wide spray modes
- Utilizes 100% natural ingredients
- Uses cross cycled fizzy drinks cap
- Is 100 % biodegradable

Green Clean is not only biodegradable, but uses 100% natural ingredients too

So why clean your bike?
A smoother surface free of mud makes your bike more aerodynamic. But mainly, mud build up doesn't look nice on your ride. Further, its important to keep brake pad surfaces clean, and your dérailleur free from mud for gear changing.

How to use Green Clean

How to use Green Clean bike cleaner low carbon
Before using for the first time, fill Green Clean Bike Cleaner Low Carbon with water - up to near the top of the bottle shoulders as shown in the pic above.
Then the formula is ready to use:

1. Shake the bottle to activate ingredients
2. Twist spray nozzle to select either spray or water pistol mode
3. Spray all over your dirty bike
4. Leave for around 2 minutes
5. Use a wet Ecosponge and Bicycle Brush to clean off dirt and grime
6. Thoroughly rinse your bike with preferably rain water from a butt, or tap water
7. Admire your clean bike!


How is Green Clean green?

The Earth

Well firstly, its not just the name! The Green Clean formula is totally biodegradable, but not only that, its formula uses 100% natural ingredients. That means a minimal impact on the environment, and lower carbon footprint. Green Clean was developed in house and has award winning cleaning performance. It uses a special detergent derived from coconut oil, and orange peel extract among other natural ingredients. Curiously, the orange peel is a bi-product of the organic orange juice industry. All ingredients are sustainably sourced too .

Caps: When we first launched Green Clean, one or two customers complained that the trigger sprays leaked in the post. One suggested using safety caps, and attaching the trigger spray with an elastic band. This was a necessity to stop leaks in transit, so thousands of plastic safety caps were used to cap tight the Green Clean bottles.

In the old Green Oil office, with communal areas shared with a law firm and youth justice organization, an old cola bottle was in the bin. On the off chance the cap might fit, the Coca Cola cap was taken off and put on a bottle of Green Clean. It fitted perfectly. A picture was posted on Facebook for Green Oil fans' feed back, and they thought the idea was great!

Pic of Green Clean with Coca Cola cap on from facebook. Also a pic of a Fido Dido bottle cap

Later that month, Simon the founder of Green Oil went to the Notting Hill festival. When it finished, he collected around two hundred bottle caps. His friend who stayed 'to help' walked a good ten meters behind, possibly embarrassed by Simon sifting through old bottles. Anyway, with around 200 caps, Simon tested which would, and which would not fit. Now Green Oil UK collects bottle caps for use on every Green Clean bottle. This means no oil is extracted to make new caps, and no energy used to make a new cap. It also diverts caps from land fill. These fizzy drink caps are sorted, washed and used. Simple yet funky!

If you would like to earn money for your local charity or school by collecting caps for us, please click here for more information.

Refilling Clean Chain Degreaser 100ml

Green Clean can be refilled with just one bottle of Clean Chain degreaser. Pour the 100ml bottle in and fill the rest with water (900ml).

How to refill Green Clean bike cleaner

Refilling with Clean Chain Degreaser 5 litre

We offer 5 litre cans to retailers. One 5 litre Clean Chain degreaser makes 5 Litres of Green Clean bike cleaner. Ideal for any bike shop, and especially bike rental venues.

5 litre Green Oil Wet Chain Lube

Recycling information

Green Oil UK Limited will pay you 10p in cash for your old Green Clean bottle. Selected retailers will refill your bottle for a 10p discount. This concept is widespread in most countries where deposit bottles are used for beer and other drinks. See us at the next trade show for your 10p in cash!

You can of course though recycle your Green Clean bottle. The trigger spray is made from numerous types of plastics making recycling difficult. Some waste collection services will take it though. Also, the caps used are random, some are HDPE (plastic type 2), and some polypropylene (PP, or plastic type 5). Most councils tell you to take the cap off before recycling anyway. We would be pleased to have these caps back in any case. The rubber band around the neck of the bottle can be used to hold pencils together, or for your hair - or any other elastic band use. Here are the recycling codes:

Green Clean recycling codes


EcoSpray Lube by Green Oil





Cycling plus Best Buy Award

Cycling Plus verdict: 9/10

Eco-Cleaner that doesn't compromise on performance

We assumed this new, green bike cleaner might give us a warm feeling inside for doing ‘the right thing’ for the planet but wouldn’t actually get the dirt off the down tube. We were pleasantly surprised to find that it really works!

- Product test in Cycling Plus, December 2008, page 58.





  Road cc rating


...just as good and cheaper than its rivals, plus safer for your bike than some cheaper options, there's not much more you need to know.

- Review by James Whateley, January, 2016..







  Ride IO logo

Green Oil have been awfully clever and chosen to supply the bottle with concentrated biodegradable formula. This means less weight and ultimately a smaller carbon footprint (these guys are good and what they do)..

- Review by Tim Sadler, Ride.IO







...The bike cleaner works very well....

…Green Oil offers the best and most ecologically friendly products around…

- IMB Mag, Issue 21 page 113






Singletrack logo

...Green Oil has removed the water from its solution, leaving just the concentration. This makes the product lighter to ship and everybody’s a winner, right?..

- Review by Singletrack Magazine






...Spray on, leave for a few minutes, scrub and spray away. In short it works...

- Average Joe Review by, October 2009. Click to see the full review.





Dirt Magazine logo

...Great products that leave you with a clean conscience as well as a clean bike!

- Review in Dirt Magazine, December 2008, page 110.
Click on the logo to see the full review.



  Wiggle logo

"If you want to use a cleaning agent - Why would you not use this? As good as anything else around, reasonably priced and impeccable green credentials"

" gets my bike nice and shiny!"

- A selection of user reviews from






- Bananiac, check out his Vegan Youtube Channel.





...hey presto, your bike is clean! My dad was a big fan of this as it worked wonders on his alloys on his new BMW!

- Review by Lyndon,




  Shred Magazine logo

...Eco credentials bagged... handy water pistol setting...the bike was effectively cleaned. Hassle your local bike shop.

- Review by Shred Magazine Issue 58.



  Singletrack logo

...Cleaned the bike well enough... The most user friendly of our test samples...

- Review by Singletrack Magazine 2012. Click on the logo for the full review




  mbtTV logo

...The Green Clean does get down into the dirt and giving it the hose down takes the 99% of the dirt with it...

- Review by Click for full review.




  Gearweare logo4/5 pickaxe award!    

.....Better than spit and polish ...

- Review by On a serious note, they actually say
Green Clean is their favourite bike cleaner! Click for the full review

  The Slow Life Company logo

'Give your bike a Green Clean'

- Review by The Slow Live company. Click for the full review


CTC logo

...Afterwards paintwork was pristine, with no evidence
of streaking or damage to bright work or seals. At just
over £8, this effective ecologically sound cleaner is
just as competitive as traditional sprays, and it’s safe
around children, pets and plant-life...

- Review by Michael Stenning of The CTC. This review appeared in Cycle Magazine Feb/March 2009 . Click for the full review


Cycling Weekly logo

...for extra green brownie points...

- Review in Cycling Weekly 11/02/2010



and four stars!

..Green Oil’s Green Clean is every bit as effective as other brands of miracle wash, eating road grime for breakfast and congealed grease for lunch..

- Review by Shan Audane, November 2009.

  Any reviews we've missed? Let us know by emailingemail                
  For Safety Data Sheet, email usemailor click here:Green Clean Low Carbon Bike Cleaner SDS
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