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Green Oil started with a sample batch in 2007 when the Tour de France started in Trafalgar Square, London. Empty bottles purchased through Ebay, bottles filled through a reclaimed beer tap and labels designed in Microsoft Word, printed onto paper and applied with glue.

We've come a long way since, check out how our branding has changed, and the range grown.


CF3 is no longer in production. A company making one of the essential parts stopped making it - so CF3 has now been replaced by EcoSpray lube.


CF3 Power Pack
- A straw adapter for the CF3 refillable Spray can.

- Came in a recycled paper bag.

We actually partnered with a company to make these. A third company stopped making an essential part. And the filing partner stole thousands of units of empty CF3 units. Subsequently, we had thousands of the CF3 Power Packs in stock. They were sold on ebay as Whiskey straws in 2021.




CF3 Re-usable lube spray


CF3 Power Pack            



    Green Oil
On Tour 20ml

- Mini bottle for touring
- Pocket and saddle bag sized
- Re-fillable
- PTFE and petrochemical free

Ideal for touring, it's also re-fillable.
Small enough for your pocket or a saddle bag. The new bottle is made from recycled plastic, and can be re-filled with 20ml of your favorite lube. Replaced by the larger 30ml On Tour.
  Ecogrease bottle 100 ml
- Ecogrease in a bottle
- Replaced by Ecogrease tube
- Wax difficult to get out after half used, had to be cut open.



Green Oil On Tour




For frame cleaning etc
- Carbon fibre safe
- Soft and durable
- Made from recycled fabric
- Can be washed in a washing machine!
- Helps stop fabric fibres going to landfill
- Quality thick fabric

We had this product made in the Philippines. It was fairly traded, something we were proud to support. We partnered with an importer, who told us the remote farm, Tommy's Farm where it was made just disappeared. It was in a remote area, where internet access meant a trip to the nearest village. They did not reply to emails or calls for over 3 months. A storm and political turbulence may be to blame. So we replaced EcoSponge, with EcoRag.

  Bicycle Brush Ultra
- Like the Drive Chain Brush but plastic.
- We ran out of our Drive Chain Brushes, and needed something for the set urgently.

These brushes work really great, and we bring them in when we have supply issues with our FSC wood and plant Drive Chain Brush. We like to minimise plastic use, so rarely sell these.

    Green Oil Ecosponge   It's green and brush like.            
    EcoWarrior Set

- Sold on occasion, exclusively with one of our best customers.












Stock Green Oil

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