For road bikes, triathlon, fixies and dry summer trail riding

  • Lubricates over for 150 kilometres
  • Reduces chain wear and friction
  • Its dry! Great for keeping trouser legs grease free, suitable for all bikes, from, road racers, triathlon bikes to Bromptons

The Dry Chain Wax formula was improved in 2020 for longevity. It now contains graphite technology to reduce friction further. Instead of using PTFE with all the carcinogenic harm and pollution - we use graphite. Graphite is pure carbon, super slipery to reduce friction yet absorbable by plants.

Some people don't like using chain oil because it makes their trouser leg dirty on the way to work. Well, Green Oil Dry Chain Wax is the solution. Simply, put it on your chain, let it dry, and it leaves a semi-dry lubricating film on the chain. Dry lubes tend not to last as long as wet lubes, and offer less protection in the wet. With Green Oil Dry Chain Wax, we're continuously improving the formulation to increase longevity and performance, with fewer applications between rides.

5 Litre Green Oil Dry Chain Wax available. Re-fill over 50 bottles

5 litre

Why use Green Oil Dry Chain Wax?

Its important to keep your chain lubricated. Lubing your chain reduces friction, meaning you go faster and have a smoother gear changes. A lubricated chain results in fewer chain replacements too.

Green Oil Dry Chain Wax is great for dusty trail riding. We do occasionally have dry weather in the UK, which Dry Chain Wax is designed for. In these conditions, you get more airborne dust which can stick to the chain. Green Oil Dry Chain Wax is dry, so minimal dust is attracted. Its great for city riding too.

Green Oil Dry Chain Wax won't go on your trouser leg like other lubes, so its great for the commute to work on your fixie in Old Street, or your Brompton on the way to West Brompton. We also recommend Green Oil Dry Chain Wax for road racing, BMX riding and recumbent bikes.

Green Oil Dry Chain Wax is great for Bromptons and other folding bikes - where you're more likely to get oily whilst folding it up. Green Oil Dry Chain Wax means not getting chain oil on your clothing.

How to apply

  1. Shake the bottle with the cap on. Make sure bike is secure - so you can spin the cranks back.
  2. Remove the cap.
  3. Preferably clean the chain first, and ensure its dry. (A wipe down with a rag is better than nothing.)
  4. If you get Dry Chain Wax on your carbon bike frame, it should be fine. However, excessive amounts poured on may damage weaker carbon lacquers.
  5. Turn the cranks back for one chain circulation.
  6. Leave to dry for 7 minutes. You can ride off straight away, but 5-10 minutes on the chain lets it dry a little, and seep in between the rollers for better lubrication.
  7. Ride into the summer, dry dusty trails.

How to use Green Oil Dry Chain Wax

How is Green Oil Dry Chain Wax green?


Other dry lubes out there contain PTFE and petrochemicals, some even using toxic paraffin as a solvent. They often use petrochemical wax too. Green Oil Dry Chain Wax uses bees wax within the formula, and after its life on your bike, is totally biodegradable. Part of the formula is bioethanol made from sugar. This is grown in the EU, and is the solvent part of the formula. It's alcoholic so flammable. Dry Chain Wax is vegetarian too, it does not contain animals. We do use a quantity of bees wax. Graphite is used instead of PTFE.

Graphite is pure carbon, it can be absorbed by plants as a nutrient.

We don't use PTFE because:

- PTFE creates a carcinogen in its production. - PTFE accumulates in the food chain, after leaving your bike chain. - PTFE is a polyflourinated chemical.

Petrochemicals often harm the environment and aquatic life. Green Oil Dry Chain Wax however is petrochemical and PTFE free, contains no paraffin and is totally biodegradable.

Every Dry Chain Wax bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic - so don't be surprised if the bottle is a curious colour!

Recycling information

Green Oil UK Limited will pay you 10p in cash for your old Green Oil Dry Chain Wax bottle. Selected retailers will refill your bottle for a 10p or 20p discount. See us at the next trade show for your bottle deposit!

You can of course though recycle the bottle. The cap is made of polypropylene - plastic type 5, and we're honest about it - most councils in the UK don't take plastic type five for recycling. Please rinse and recycled the bottle after removing the cap. Here are the recycling codes:

recycling info



For road bikes, triathlon, fixies and dry summer trail riding