Re-fill in a local bike shop: Some bike shops do have a Green Oil re-fill station. As we sell through wholesalers, we do not have a list. They will offer a 10-20p discount for re-filling.

You can re-fill at the Biscuit Factory:
Visit our office in the old Peek Freans Biscuit Factory in London.
Call ahead on  020 7274 8725,
our address is:

Green Oil UK Limited
Unit CC.106
Cocoa Studios
The Biscuit Factory
100 Drummond Road
Bermondsey Blue
SE16 4FA
United Kingdom

You can re-fill by post:
  1. Add up the prices of the products you want to re-fill. These are shown on our shop page (get a pen and paper!)
  2. Deduct 20p for each item you are wanting re-filled.
  3. Deduct UK Postage: Currently £3.20 for a Royal Mail 'small parcel'.
  4. Write a cheque for this total, payable to 'Green Oil UK Limited'.

  5. Or, you can pay by card...

  6. Post the empty bottles back to us with your:
  • Email address (if you don't include a cheque, we will send a payment request here).
  • Your street address
  • A cheque (unless you want to pay by card)

Become a Green Oil Re-fill station:
If you run a bike shop, call us to find out more. We sell our 5 litre re-fill cans on our online shop.
For retailers, visit our trade page to find your local wholesaler.

5 litre refill