Green Oil seeks a cleaner World. Where other lubricant brands greenwash.

We make positive, environmentally friendly performance lubricants and bike cleaning products Green Oil's goal is to end the use of petrochemicals and PTFE in bikes, inside bike shops and on mechanic's skin. We want you to have better health, unpolluted by bike fluids.

We see a future where Green Oil is used globally for a cleaner, healthier planet, from soil to rivers to people.

Started by Simon Nash more than a decade ago, Green Oil was inspired by a bike ride through the river Quaggy and a lack of biodegradable lubricants for bikes – Green Oil was the first eco friendly bicycle lubricant on the planet.

The Green Oil range has won a plethora of performance awards including What Mountain Bike's Gold Award, and road.CC's Best Wet Chain Lube 2023.

Innovation is key. Green Oil was the first company to utilize graphite technology as an alternative to PTFE, and the first company in England to use 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Green Oil has lead the market in sustainability and even packaging design. Rider owned and run, the Green Oil range has won a plethora of performance awards, and Green Oil UK Limited, numerous environmental accolades.

Want to ride your bike more sustainably? You're in the right place.

Love performance, Love the Earth, Love your bike: Choose Green Oil.